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Summer Work Student Exchange

This Summer Do Something Different


The YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange (SWSE) is a national exchange program that allows youth to build new relationships while spending the summer in another province. For six weeks in July and August, 16-17 year-olds from across Canada travel to Québec where they live with a local host and have full-time, paid summer job, all while practicing their second official language. The program is run by the YMCA and is funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage.


Will you be 16 or 17 this summer?

Sign up for SWSE and for six weeks you can:

  • Travel to Québec and get a chance to expand and practice your French skills

  • Meet youth on exchange and make friends

  • Get paid work experience during your exchange

  • Stay with a local host

  • Enjoy fun group activities exploring your surroundings

  • Build on your skills for the future!

Apply Now!

Register online at:

Ask us questions at:

Why not share your home this summer?

Any adult can apply to host a youth on exchange from another part of the country for six weeks.

Your support will include:

  • Meals and a comfortable place to stay

  • Inclusion in family structure and activities

  • Guidance to the youth in new surroundings

Your guest will work full-time and attend group activities during weekends, so they'll be busy! 

Program Coordinators will also be there to support you.

If you need financial assistance to quality as a host or have any other questions, please contact us.

Contact us:

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