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Looking for the ideal employee?

We offer free services to help you find qualified candidates!

We also offer information on wages subsidies and assistance in creating competency based job descriptions.

  • Gain access to hundreds of motivated job seekers

  • Post a job ad

  • Schedule a hiring or recruiting fair

  • Competency-Based Job Descriptions

  • Assistance with job postings and retention

  • Support with equitable hiring practices and job accommodations

  • Receive information about government funded programs & wage subsidies

Shaking Hands

Post A Job Ad

Contact us with your job posting and we will be happy to post it to our job board and share it with our clients.

Giving a Presentation

Schedule A Job Fair

Find your next great employee by holding a virtual job fair. We would be happy to work with you to organize and promote an online job fair. 

Wage Subsidies

Contact us to learn more about various wage subsides  to assist you in growing your business while providing job seekers with meaningful work experience.

LEAP Program

LEAP is a program designed to support youth aged 15-30 and local employers. Your new employee will arrive with a wage subsidy covering the full cost of a minimum wage  employment.

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