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We offer various employment readiness and career preparation workshops. We also provide instruction in basic computer skills to assist clients with becoming comfortable using computers for job searching.

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Job Search Workshops

  • Career Cruising/Labour Market Information
    This workshop explores how your skills, interests, education and experience will be a perfect match for the right career
  • Directions
    Unemployed and looking for a career? Don’t know where to turn? This fun-filled yet intriguing one day workshop is designed to help you start the process of developing a clear career action plan
  • Resume Development& Cover Letter
    This workshop takes participants through the process of analyzing, critiquing and developing their resumes. The second half of the workshop addresses the creation of a cover letter as a supplement to your resume.
  • Job Search/Networking
    Workshop assists participants to answer the question: where are the jobs? The workshop will also address ways to develop and expand your job search network.
  • Interview Skills
    Prepare for the next interview by learning the dos and don’ts of job interviews and understanding how to address difficult interview questions.
  • Social Media
    This workshop focuses on three key social media sites – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Through this interactive workshop, participants learn how social media can enhance or harm job searching.
  • How to Succeed on the Job
    This workshop is designed to provide job seekers with information, skills and strategies for maintaining a job or moving within an organization. It also addresses how to deal with job dissatisfaction, making mid-career changes and adjusting to workplace transition.
  • Service Orientation
    Attend a short orientation session to learn about the programs and services offered at our centres. Anyone desiring to meet with a Career Practitioner is required to attend this session.
  • Préparation à l’emploi
    Cet atelier vous offre divers conseils pour effectuer une recherche d’emploi efficace.  En matinée, nous discutons du Curriculum Vitae et de la lettre de présentation afin de vous assurer d’obtenir une entrevue.  En après-midi, nous discutons de l’importance de se préparer pour une entrevue entre-autre à l’aide d’un exercice au cours duquel les participants répon- dent aux questions les plus souvent posées lors de l’entrevue.

Computer Workshops

  • Introduction to Computers Part 1 & 2
    1/2 day workshops to explore the computer. these workshops are designed for those who are new to the computer or those who want to learn more about the basic operation of a computer—Windows navigation, saving files and documents etc.
  • Microsoft Word Day 1 & 2 (Basic)
    Participants will learn how to open, close, save and print documents. Perform some formatting; insert dates, page numbers and tables into a document.
  • Social Media
    Focusing on three key Social media tools—Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, the goal of the workshop is to provide orientation into how these tools can play positive or negative roles in job searching.
  •  E-Mail & Internet
    Participants will learn the basics of the Internet (exploring the browser and using search engines). The workshop will also show participants how to use          e-mail for communication and job application.

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